This is a great starter package if you have a logo which we could use as your theme and off we go. If you don't have logo, it is probably a good time to take advantage of our branding package

Wix Web Starter


Choose a template with us, provide us the content in word document, we will setup the site for you. Single page site with your contact, services, donation link, contact form, social media links.

A Trusted Wix Partner Who You Can Grow With


Choose a team who will figure out what you need, the requirements, and help you decide what to do.

Frontend Developer, Backend Developer, Scrum Master, Tester, Infrastructure & Application Architect, Content Consultation

How it Works

You would reach us via phone, email, and ticketing system. We can meet for consultation. Once we discuss the project, we will set up a team for you who you can directly collaborate to discuss and decide your goals.


We will do a 30 minute requirement highlights session, and then schedule a detailed discussion about need and project goal. We would then be able to give you what kind of skill combination and team engagement you need and send you a price quote. 

CALL NOW 416-473-9284

Integration Project

For all your API based integration need to integrate with third party products and services, we are here to help.


Either you want to push content to Wix or take content out to accomplish your workflow.

Suite 300 - 110 Spadina
Toronto, ON, M5V 2K4

Phone: 416-473-9284

Fax: 815-425-8987

Please allow as a day or two to get back to you.

Thank you for your interests.

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It is crucial to have a team which spans a mix of skills so that you can cost effectively utilize resources. You can take help for those smaller tweaks, fixes and smaller update to the site. These are keen to learn developers with 6m~2yr experience from our Dhaka team.

HTML, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery,Java, PHP, Laravel

Web Developer


Great senior developer capable of dealing with almost any goals you set for your site. Usually they have 2~8 years of experience. Often times they are considered professional because of their skills and level of efficiency and knowledge.

Java, VueJS, ReactJS, Laravel, Angular, NodeJS​

AWS, Azure

Backend Developer


Your Infrastructure Architecture, Application Architecture, Integration needs and any other technology consultant that you need for your services. These members are based out of Toronto.

UI/UX, AWS Cloud Architecture, Application Architecture

UI/UX, Architecture, Devops



Below are some packages that may help you understand our pricing.

Our Rates

We have a global tame spreads Toronto and Dhaka. Pick & choose what kind of help you need. All pricing in USD. For all the supporting roles, we will send you a complete list of the roles required for your project. Let us know your project need to ask for a quotation.

Hire 'A' Wix Team

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