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Technical Deep Dive

Discuss short term and long term goals and implementation strategy.


We encounter a lot of questions from our valued customers and deal with a lot of different types of businesses and their needs. Wix is powerful great platform, however, with power comes complexity. Sometimes it takes tonnes of hours to figure out basic 'how' and 'what' questions. We probably can answer most questions so that you don't have to spend that time.

- Is Wix right for me? Wix capabilities.
- What kind of customization is possible?
- Is there any way to extend Wix features?
- Would Wix support my long term growth?
- Wix vs Wordpress vs Custom solution, where to go from where?

The goal is exloration of Wix but also understanding your project
- What is your business model?
- Who are your competition?
- How can Wix help me reaching out through social media?
- What are the other competitors doing?

The end goal is to come up with a strategy and a plan for your web project. We would be happy if you decide to go with us after this. However, we will try being as neutral as we can in this session. Regardless of where you go next, this knowledge should have you starting a conversation.

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