Security & Giving Access of Your Wix Site to a Developer?

Updated: Jan 19

In case if you are wondering how you can give access to your Wix site securely to a developer, this post is for you. It is very common to find a development partner online for some last tweaks that you need. However, it is sometimes nerve wrecking to give access to someone you don't know. Here are some of the considerations why you should consider:

- Who are you giving access to?

- What sensitive data are you giving away?

- How much access do you need to provide to someone?

- When would you have to give access?

Who Can You Trust?

A trusted Wix partner is what you are looking for. Wix partner program has membership criteria that they require to meet. It is HIGHLY unlikely that a Wix partner will compromise security of your site willingly. Worst case, you could reach out to Wix to get to them. We take client privacy and security of site seriously.

Why Wix Default User Permission May Not Work?

These are some of the critical considerations while giving access to your site. One important finding of ours while working on Wix CORVID and implementing tricky features as Wix developers is that- general access level defined by Wix doesn't work always. So, the closest we found was to create a copy of the site and give full access and ownership to the copy of the site to someone, NOT the main site.

Why Transfer Site Copy Instead of Giving Access?

You could get away with giving access to your site in case if you want someone to work on only design pages, do some coding on front end elements. However, if you want someone to fix your Wix store, subscription, payments, booking or other integrations, only owner can have those access. There also are some advanced settings which I will cover some other day.

Creating a Copy of Wix Site & Transfer

By creating a copy of the site, you ensure that you are not giving up your financial information, or any sensitive customer data. Here are a few simple steps how you could transfer copy your site to someone to have a look.

Step 1: Create a copy of the site

Note 'Site Actions' menu, and choose 'Duplicate Site'.

Step 2: Go to Settings for Roles and Permissions

1. Go to your Wix main screen and choose 'My Sites' from on the top.

2. Click on the site COPY that you created.

3. Once you clicked on the COPY, you should see a similar screen like the above, except the fact this is your site copy, NOT the main site.

4. From the left menu, choose 'Settings' and then you will see something like the screen below. Choose 'Roles & Permissions'

Step 3: Change Site Ownership

Once you clicked on 'Roles & Permissions' above, you will see a screen something similar to the one below. Click on 'Transfer Ownership' and use the email address you want to transfer. On the screenshot, we have used a dummy email address, set to whoever you are sending.


This is the easiest way to give 'almost' all access to someone who is trying to set you up with your website. However, this only allows them to have a look into how you have set things up. Ultimately, they need access to your actual site to be able to make changes. Access permission could be tricky. It is important to set some goals and provide those access as need to know basis only. I will discuss Wix access in more details in the future. Stay tuned.

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